Sunday, 21 July 2013

Last chance for a peaceful two-state solution?

David Blair, writing in the Telegraph, asks if the continued expansion of Jewish settlements in the West Bank is ultimately undermining the legitimacy of the Israeli state as a Jewish democracy.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Smith Wigglesworth's Prophecy of 1947

Peter Kirk has been looking for the date and source of the 1947 prophecy of Smith Wigglesworth that spoke of a coming great revival when the Church embraces the Word and Spirit. See:

He writes a couple of years later in the same thread - 13 March 2013 "I just received a newsletter which quotes this prophecy, in abbreviated form, with the reference “George Stormont: Wigglesworth – a man who walked with God, 1989, p.114″. According to the book description quoted at, Stormont was “a personal friend of Smith Wigglesworth”. Further research led me to the relevant page of Stormont’s book at Google Books, in fact p.123 in this edition. The full prophecy is not given in this book, so this cannot be the original source. I wonder if the full prophecy comes from Stormont’s series of tapes ‘SPIRITUAL SECRETS OF THE MAN WHO WALKED WITH GOD – SMITH WIGGLESWORTH.’"

According to George Stormont the prophecy was given a week before his death at a week long crusade and involved two moves of God. The first move involved an emphasis on the work of the Spirit, the second on the Word of God. When these two moves come together there shall be '...the greatest move the Church of Jesus Christ has ever seen.'

We could at this point ask what it means to be commited to the Word of God. Christian Zionists and those who hold to Covenantal theology disagree about certain things in relation to the Church and Israel, as do Christians over the question of creation versus evolution. Perhaps we need to start a debate about what it means to have an emphasis on the Word of God, and what intepretation of Scripture is necessary. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

EU imposes sanctions against the State of Israel

The EU is to impose sanctions against the State of Israel on post-1949 occupied territory.

This link was taken from Stephen E.Jones blog where you can read more. Personally speaking I am not convinced that sanctions always do much good because they are often politically motivated and not always directed at establishing true peace, justice and reconcilliation. We shall see what transpires. But we see here the worldy system in the UN putting pressure on Israel to comply with its resolutions. There are also questions about the Mosiac Law and the State of Israel. There is a need to trade fairly with the foreigners who live within the land, the need to respect ancient boundary stones, and whether it is right for people to receive goods from stolen land. Israel is largely secular and disregards the Law of Moses on many social issues, and we should not be naive. We need to remember that God establishes various authorities on earth to bring a semblence of order including the UN. 

Monday, 1 July 2013

Syrian Rebels Behead Catholic Priest

Syrian rebels fighting the Assad regime have beheaded a Catholic Priest - Father Francois Murad. This is reported in the Daily Mail

So why are western countries supporting these groups, some linked to Al Qaeda, and giving them arms if they react in such a brutal manner against Christians? The western governments seem to have descended to the level of Lenin's 'useful idiots,' whereby we are in danger of selling rope to our enemies so that they can return and hang us.