Monday, 19 November 2012

BBC bias - or troubled consciences?

Telegraph bloggers are out in force having another pop at the BBC - this time for biased reported against poor Israel.  See Rev Dr Peter Mullen and Dan Hodges

Or perhaps the issue here is not one of bias, but one of troubled consciences. Yes, Hamas is a wicked organisation, although the word organisation here is perhaps unfair. A rabble might be more accurate bearing in mind the trouble they are causing their own people, and despite the number of rockets fired into Israel they have only managed to kill a handful of Jews. Their fire power is less lethal than a summer thunderstorm in the Middle East.

On the other hand the highly efficient Israeli military has managed to kill some 100 Palestinians in just a few days with much greater fire power - the last Gaza campaign killed over 1,300, including many women and children. It is not an even-handed conflict. Israel should show more restraint in response, and Christians should remember that Palestinians, as well as Jews, are human beings of value.

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