Saturday, 23 April 2011

Jacob Prasch and Why Christian Zionists Shouldn't Throw Stones

Jacob Prasch at Moriel Ministries, a strong supporter of Christian Zionism, has written against modern revivals, and has now posted a link by Philip Powell relating to an attack on Elim and the Assemblies of God. Prasch also seems to have a book out in May that may look at these issues in further depth. and

I have also recently heard other attacks on people such as Rick Warren and his 'Purpose Driven Life,' and Nicky Gumbel and the 'Alpha Course', particularly from those with an interest in the End Times and who support the modern State of Israel. The basis of such attacks is that person A met person B, and we think person B is involved in the New World Order, so person A must be also, or any move of God must be of the devil because God doesn't work that way anymore.

The evidence presented against such people and ministries is highly subjective, and a poor argument to dismiss a whole ministry and it doesn’t hold well with the injunction to love our brothers and sisters in Christ. These attacks are very conspiratorial, but without much substance – in other words, the evidential case is not strong enough to justify such claims. Having read a lot of conspiracy theories when bored it is easy to get carried away, but we need to weigh carefully evidence against Christian ministries and ministers and remain rational. Not that there aren’t theological issues that need to be addressed (around prosperity teaching for instance) but this needs to be done in a more reasoned and loving manner. The danger is that if we don’t those making such attacks may become like the Pharisees who accused Jesus of being possessed by Satan because He cast out devils.

The irony is that although such people are quick to defend the theology of Christian Zionism, even though it is a recent development in Christian thinking, they are quick to jump on anyone who they think steps out of line in other areas. As the saying goes ‘people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.’


  1. Your comment on the blog of the ignominious Calvin Smith led me to you blogspot; what a breath of fresh air. The Christian fathers who compiled the Christian Bible by making it into two distinct Testaments, little did it ever occur to them that some 16 centuries later, misguided souls couldn't tell the significance of the terms Old and New. By the way, no sane person could possibly be unaware that the Old Testament is the word of 'man' and that apart from some divine sections, the bulk is a work of fiction.

  2. Thanks for comments anon. - There is though a semiotic depth to the Old Testament that defies the work of man. Sceptics are sadly missing out on a challenging, but rewarding intellecual endeavour.

  3. zionism is as recent a development as is people having the bible in their vernacular language. you're on dangerous ground